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Example: 333-333-3333
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Reverse Cell Phone Number Lookup

Run a check on any number that you see on your caller ID, phone bill, your child or partner's cell phone. 007 Phone # Spy is an ultimate tracking tool that will come handy in almost any situation! Prank calls, unwanted calls or simply unknown calls - all can be traced easily and instantly while keeping your identity private!
Search results include:
  • Owner first, last names & address
  • Owner age, sex and marital status
  • Household members and relatives
  • And more!
Member benefits:
  • Unlimited reverse phone lookups
  • Advanced people search tools - find relatives, co-workers, and reunite with old friends
  • Cell phone and background checks

Modern Caller ID

Using our mobile website and mobile APPs, you can instantly check any number that is calling you on the go! Cell phone numbers aren't published in public free directories so many such services are plain useless. When you need to look up a mobile number, 007PhoneNumberSpy is your best and final solution.

Phone Number Lookup Tips

Reconnect with old friends. You are probably familiar with this situation: you used to know someone and now all you have left is their old phone number. You may know their first name and that's about it! So, now you are looking for them all over the Internet and...
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Find out who is calling. Reverse phone directories are widely used to find the caller info of missed calls, texts, prank calls, among multiple other applications. When you perform a search, you will get basic details about the phone number: phone line type...
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Whose number is this? When we recieve a call from an unknown number, we may be hesitant to answer it or call it right back (especially, if no voicemail is left) for a myriad of reasons. It could be a prankster, debt collector or solicitor, your last night's boozed...
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Reverse Phone Lookup & Mobile Phone Tracking News

The Phone Knows All
27 Aug., 2012
It is not only cops and congressmen that can trace your mobile phone activity. Mobile APP developers collect all sorts of sensitive data about such things like which sites you visit, what places you travel to and some APPs even read your text messages to learn more about who you are! Read more...
Should You Trust Fancy Reverse Phone Search APPs?
11 Apr., 2012
When you install an APP on your smartphone, do you realize what kinds of private information about you the APP can harvest? Use these safety tips on how to run a secure reverse phone look-up. Read more...